Balansia Films is a Helsinki based production company specialized in creating genuine content for passionate communities & tribes who identify more on common collective behaviors and interests than on demographics.

The way we work is pretty simple: doing what we love in a way that brings positive impact for the people watching our videos as well as for the people behind the camera.

99% of pre to post production is made in-house to guarantee you an agile and hassle-free experience that results in something impressive and exciting.

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Swati Goyal

Ville Vierikko

Head of Sound | Co-Founderjuha@balansiafilms.com+35840 771 3100

Juha Potka

Sakari Sankkinen

Post Director | Co-Founderteemu@balansiafilms.com+35840 875 7545

Teemu Antero

Terjo Aaltonen

Patrik Sundberg

Marko Sinkkonen

Mitro Härkönen