Client Kameron Helsinki

OnePlus x Liiga

DirectorTeemu Antero
DOPPatrik Sundberg
ProducerJuho Harjula
Sound Design & MusicJuha Potka
GafferSanteri Siirtonen
1st ACElis Lindfors
Post ProductionTeemu Antero
CastAlex Morelli, Aleksi Kipahti, Oskari Koivisto
Production ManagerRiikka Hesse
Best Boy Marko Sinkkonen

The Briefing

The goal was to combine the energy of ice hockey, hardcore fans and the new tech featured in OnePlus 7T.

We approached this by searching for the right tone of voice in pre production. We found out that OnePlus fans are as proud of their brand as ice hockey fans are about their team. So we wanted to channel that with a group of fans celebrating their home teams game which they are viewing from their OnePlus phones.

The Production

The shoot took place on hills looking over Pihlajamäki Helsinki with a perfect setting for nordic urban environment mixing nature together with high-rises. We painted a dark tone with clothing, night time lighting plus visual effects and popping it off with red flares, hockey highlights and animations. During filming our main focus was in portraying the emotions one feels when rooting for your home team. In post production it was all about finding the right balance between showcasing the product and connecting it to the world of ice hockey.

We wanted the music to be 3 things: relevant, high energy and uplifting. At the same time reflecting the emotion we see on screen and on the other hand a fresh new take on hockey related music. In sound design we decided to add elements of ice hockey, hi-tech whooshes and torch movement to deepen the video with more rhythm and dimensions.