Client Kaslink, Avidly


TalentHeikki Kinnunen, Enni Rukajärvi
DirectorVille Vierikko
ProducerSwati Goyal
DOPPatrik Sundberg
1st ACNestori Majoinen
Sound DesignJuha Potka
Sound RecordingKarri Neenberg
Surround SoundSami Sarhamaa
GafferSenja Ruohonen
Best boyMarko Sinkkonen

The Briefing

Kaslink joined the race to be the queen of the hill in the fast growing oat based superfood business with their Kaslink Aito products. In 2018 they chose the immensely popular literature and movie character Grump and the young Olympic gold medalist Enni Rukajärvi to represent the old and the new attitudes. To be set in the vivid autumn wilderness of Finland we were assigned with 5 spots on 5 products to be shown on TV, internet and movie theaters all over Finland.

After Words

This was definitely one of those cases where we got to witness a true legend at hand’s length working his ass off to make everything look friggin’ easy. With a gentle and inspiring touch the Finnish entertainment giant Heikki Kinnunen helped us guide the whole process to an organic and relaxed outcome that keeps the products in focus while still toying around with the dynamics of a fictional character and a real life super athlete.

Not the easiest of tasks but the outcome feels like the cameras just happened to be there to capture these humorous odd-couple chats.