Client OnePlus

Here's Our 7

Production CompaniesKameron & Balansia Films
DirectorLauri Tamminen
Post DirectorTeemu Antero
ProducerIina Vinnari
CinematographerJukka Moisio
Wardrobe & Make-upSiiri Sirviö
Music & Sound DesignJuha Potka
Post ProductionTeemu Antero & Mikko Miettinen
Executive ProducerJuho Harjula

Number 7

For many OnePlus 7 was the phone that became the new flagship product of mobile industry and we had the pleasure to signify this launch with post production to match the hype.

Our post production team crafted a world of images around the number 7. By combining different views between symbols of marvels that humans have created, tech influenced images, grid patterns and colorful prisms of flashing lights we found a cool way to travel from ancient Egypt to modern day in 30 seconds.

We composed music with catchy rhythmic patterns and a feeling of something new and exciting bubbling under. In sound design it was essential to create a sense of continuous rise towards the reveal of the product.

The fast paced editing, ascending music and animated movement of the number 7 all contribute to an intense energy and strong sense of catching up the future.

The Result

42,9 million views on YouTube and best audience retention of all OnePlus ads uploaded on YouTube at that time. Well done Kameron Helsinki, Lauri Tamminen and our Post Production team!