Client Slush

Slush 2019

DirectorTeemu Antero
ProducerSwati Goyal
EditorsTeemu Antero & Patrik Sundberg
Composer & Sound DesignerJuha Potka
Production ManagerSakari Sankkinen
DOPPatrik Sundberg
CinematographersPatrik Sundberg, Marko Sinkkonen, Nestori Majoinen
Gimbal OperatorAlvi Pakarinen
1st ACTomas Vikfors & Sami Rehmonen
Still PhotographerMitro Härkönen
Sound RecordistKarri Neenberg & Juuso Oksala
Color GradeSarrah Wilkman/Grade One
GearKinos Rentals & Bongo Bongo

The Briefing

Our journey with Slush started with us competing with other production companies for making the Slush 2019 after movie. There were huge boots to fill as Veli Creative had done an outstanding job in shaping how we saw Slush at the time. We went all in with our extensive experience of after movies and curiosity towards the values of the client. Focusing on these values and only then presenting our ideas for visuals won us the job. Decisions are not made in silos anymore as the world is bubbling and brimming and Slush wants to keep up. With this in mind we created the concept for the 2019 after movie called “Chain reactions – Slush 2019”.

The Process

The process took a total 8 months from the concept to the final product. When you have such a long timeline for a project it is really essential to keep everything tightly organised. This means having everyone involved knowing at all times the next steps and when&why they are needed. It all boils down to communication. The biggest feedback we got from Slush was that the video is exactly what was ordered and more and shows Slush in the way they were after; diverse, cool, big and still warm. Our responsive way of communicating was also key in making the client feel they are important and that we care for the end product as much as they do.