Client Miller & Lean, Stark

Stark Vahva Vuodesta 1868

ClientStark Suomi
AgencyMiller & Lean
DirectorVille Vierikko
ProducerSwati Goyal
TalentSeppo Riiho
Production assistantRosa Nykänen
DOPPatrik Sundberg
GafferSanteri Siirtonen
Camera-assistantEssi Hyrkki
Best boyMarko Sinkkonen
EditorTeemu Antero
Sound DesignerJuha Potka
GradeSarrah Wilkman/Grade One

Vahva Vuodesta 1868

Stark needed a heavy hitting video for commercial breaks in Ice Hockey world championship tournament 2019. Lean&Miller gave us the brief which involved a phantom high speed camera and focusing on how it feels to build and break stuff. Cool right?

Sound design for this was a blast. Our client wished for slowed down and huge sound effects to compliment the picture without using any music. We approached this by first recording the different tools and objects hitting and breaking stuff on set. To match the original sounds with the 1,500 fps material can be tricky but like with all sounds it’s all about the layering.

The first step was to find the points where the real time sound could be useful and this was usually the point where the tool had an impact with the object. Then we slowed down the sounds and found a sweet spot where they matched the feeling of the picture. Next we added impacts and swoosh effects to make the impacts feel bolder. And last we added sounds that give the picture a sense of space like splinters coming off wood when sawed in half. In the end we combined somewhere around 10-15 different sounds for every tool to make them sound as big as we wanted them to.