Client Nelonen Media, 358

SUPLA campaign

CaseÄänikirjat saapuivat Suplaan
ClientNelonen Media & 358
Director and Post ProductionTeemu Antero
ProducerSwati Goyal
DOPPatrik Sundberg
Camera-assistantsMarko Sinkkonen & Leevi Kollanus
GafferSanteri Siirtonen
Best BoyJoonas Vohlakari
Casting, MUAH & WardrobePEANUTS! Agency, Meku Kauhanen and Annika Rajala
Still PhotographerMitro Härkönen
Sound DesignRenny Järvinen / Nelonen Media


We were asked to create visually stunning and easily accessible mental landscapes for a campaign that brought audio books to Supla, the audio platform that is well known for podcasts and radio.


We produced two brand films for TV, DOOH content, social media videos and still photographs for print and digital media. The result is eye catching and stands out wherever you see them, really bringing the feeling of listening to a good book to the skin.